Making Offers on Private Sales

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following conditions before submitting your offer.

Your offer may not be the only one made on the property.

Prior to making any offers in writing, you should obtain a Sec, 32 (Vendors Statement) from the agents.

All offers made must be accompanied with a minimum of $1,000 deposit, all deposits paid on unsuccessful offers will be refunded in full.

The vendors asking priced is a range as advertised, in order that there is no confusion, we advice you of the following:

1. You should make your offer for the highest amount you are prepared to pay for the property. Once all offers are submitted to the vendors and they decide to accept one of those offers, there will not be another opportunity to increase your offer.

2. Don’t be limited by the vendor’s asking price or the price range advertised. If you feel the property is worth more to you than the price asked, then you should offer that price.

3. Your offer should be as simple and as strong as possible. If you require finance, you may wish to obtain approval from the lender prior to submitting your offer, thereby making it an unconditional offer.

4. Offers received will be submitted to the vendor as soon as practical after receipt of your offer.

5. The vendor may choose to accept or reject any offer.
6. We appreciate that this is a very tense and stressful time, however, we want you to have every opportunity to put your best offer.

7. In an attempt to act in a fair an ethical manner, we will not use your offer to encourage others to submit a higher offer nor will we disclose other offers to you.

We assure you that should you decide to submit a written offer, it will be submitted to the vendors and the price and terms of your offer will be fully explained to them.

Until the vendors have signed the Contract the property is not sold. Verbal offers from yourselves or acceptance by the vendors are not binding on either party. A contract signed by both the purchasers and the vendors is the only legally binding Contract.

All offers made a subject to the vendor’s approval.